Powerful Guardian Angel Prayers For Peace And Prosperity in Life

Guardian angel prayers are a great way to invoke the cosmic beings of light for protection, peace, and blessings.

Angels are a very special creation of God through which God runs His universe.

They are made of magnificent energy or light.

Every single one of us has guardian angels that protect us from the decree of God.

They are always with you during the most significant and insignificant moments of your life.

Angels act as gateways to Higher Consciousness and Divine Oneness.

In other words, Angels can help you access your spirituality and higher consciousness, but they don’t interfere in your reality without your permission. 

They are here to help and guide us, so to receive their assistance, you must ask for it.

Working with the angels is a very personal relationship and the only way really to work with angels is to have your own experience. 

You can ask your spiritual guides for angel signs that they are with you.

Notably, you can call on angels for the most mundane things or challenging things. 

Why Guardian Angel Prayers?

A Guardian Angel Prayer or Archangel Prayer to invoke in the presence, help, and guidance of your angels will help you in many ways during your journey on Earth.

First of all, the angels pray for the bestowal of peace and blessings upon you. 

They pray for you, because you are the master whom God has placed as a vicegerent on the earth and provided with all the means of survival, and subjugated all the species on the earth to your service.

Secondly, Angels beg forgiveness for your sins. They pray God to forgive your sins and bestow mercy and peace upon you.

When the prayer for forgiveness comes from the angels, it makes their prayers accepted. 

Also, by God’s will, angels help and guide you in times of difficulty, uncertainty, and chaos.

How do You Say Guardian Angel Prayers?

The cosmic beings of light are always ready to respond to your urgent requests for help and guidance. 

All you need is to invite them by simply asking them.

But there are few things to keep in mind before asking angels for their angelic presence.

Clear your mind and try to be as relaxed as you possibly can. 

Most importantly, Angels don’t respond to people whose hearts are filled with anxiety, aggression, hate, anger, and hostility. They tend to leave quickly in negative surroundings.

So before invoking your angels for guidance, it is important to get rid of all the negative energy through prayers, meditation, and creative visualization.

You can either send a verbal request like the cosmic being of Light please help me.

Or you can call specific angels for guidance. The angels love to respond when they are called politely by their names. 

Also, use positive affirmations and keep your language in the present tense, and use phrases that are a statement that your wish has already been granted.

End the prayer with an expression of gratitude for the things that you already have in your life, and for the blessings, you are about to receive.

An example would help:

In the name of ——-(insert the name of the angel that feels best to you) My Higher Power, The Divine Imagination, The Great Being of Light, The I Am That I Am, I call all the Archangels and lesions of light and ask them to bless me with their divine guidance.

Then you can call the specific angel.

I call on the ——– and his legions of light. I ask for their protection.

Then you can make a specific request and describe the problem that you would like fixed. 

Next, explain to the angel why would you think the fulfillment of your request will be good for all. A person praying must have the best of intentions for whatever they are asking. 

Finally, express gratitude to God and Thank Him because He has given His angels charge over you. Thank Him for providing you spiritual guides in the form of angels.

Prayers to Angels for Help:

Angels are messengers of God. They don’t have free will. They only do what God commands them to do. 

Angels always obey orders that are given to them by God.

With God’s will, Angels come in times of difficulty or crisis to assist and help you.

You can ask God to deploy your angels, and He will do so.

To invite angels for help, rescue, and protection, you need to be patient and conscious of God, and He will send His angels to help you.

Only by developing patience and developing your relationship with God, you will be able to unleash the divine help of angels in your life.

Also, it’s important to remember that angels themselves don’t have the authority to help you unless it’s from God.

God is the one who listens to your prayers and fulfills them.

Angelic intervention is only available with God’s consent.

Prayer for Guardian Angel Protection:

My Guardian angel, you are my defender every moment of my life here on Earth. You are the faithful guardian of my spirit, soul, and body.

Pray to God for me and protect me from sin and bodily harm. Help me to learn to protect myself from the evil one.

Prayer to Guardian Angel before Sleep:

My Guardian angel, you are my counselor every moment of my life on Earth. My sweet angel, protect and guard me against harm.

Keep my soul alive and protect it. My loving angel, pray to God to make my night tranquil and give my eyes sleep. 

Prayer to all Guardian Angels:

All praise be to God, the God of the messengers. All glory be to God who has power over all things.

O God, originator of the heavens and the earth, I thank you that you gave me guardian angels who protect me and bless me with their divine presence.

I pray Thee for your Holy Angels to gather around me and surround me in their angelic presence of love and light.

O, God! The Lord of Jabriel, Michael, and Jophiel, I beseech Thee to alleviate those doubts, superstitions, and grief, which are crowding on me through the loving presence of my angel guides.

Guardian Angel Debt Prayers

I call upon the Angels of Abundance and Prosperity to pray to God to help me manifest increased prosperity in my life.

Pray to The Lord of Seven Heavens. The Lord of the great throne, to defray my debts and free me from poverty.

Pray to Lord to provide me sustenance without the obligation of His creatures; So that I may not have to leave His door and go there.