Signs That Angels Are Around You

Angels are a divine creation of God who surrounds us all the time. 

The holy beings are created to provide us guidance in our journey through life.

Most importantly, their divine duty is to help us enhance our spirituality and achieve our life purpose.

However, angels don’t have the free will to impose their guidance on us. 

Unless we let them help us, they can’t provide their assistance.

When angels want to make their presence felt, they show us angelic signs. Our angel guides reveal themselves through a variety of signs and symbols. 

To understand their clues and take their divine guidance, we need to be aware of the angelic signs.

How do you know angels are around you?

What are the signs of a guardian angel?

Angel signs that we may encounter are diverse, each carrying significant meanings.

Let’s uncover some of the most common signs that angels are around you:

Angel Numbers

People have reported the presence of angels when they experience sequences of numbers repeating over and over. 

Angel numbers are a telling sign that your guardian angels are communicating with you.

The most common angel numbers people report are 1111, 222, 333, and 555.

Apart from these most common angel numbers, your angels can drop any other number combinations as well.

You can encounter your birthday angel number, or your life path number may contain a coded message.

When you start to notice angel numbers, pay attention to what’s happening around you at that moment and also notice your thoughts and feelings.


Ever find a white feather in an unexpected place? 

Finding white feathers is another common sign that angels are nearby. 

The reason being that angels are often associated with halos, and wings and feathers represent wings.

That is to say, your angels drop feathers in unexpected places to remind you of their holy presence.

Coins And Dimes

Your guardian angels may reveal themselves by placing coins and dimes in the most obscure places. 

Perhaps you may be going through challenging times financially, and your angels will place coins and dimes to let you know that abundance is on its way.


Rainbow is another tool Angels use to communicate with us.

Rainbows represent peace and hope. 

So if you see a rainbow suddenly appearing, it indicates that your guardian angels are taking care of you. They are letting you know that better times are coming.

Flashes of Light

Ever experienced flashes during a meditation session or while praying?

Experiences of an unusual light phenomenon is another sign of an Angels’ presence.

Seeing unusual light in the form of rays, beams, and shafts indicate that the observer is going through a spiritual or mystical transformation and the angels are around to provide assistance.


If you smell a pleasant flowery scent and there are no flowers around, it is a sure sign that your angels are watching over you.


Are butterflies popping in for a visit?

Butterfly sightings are another powerful sign of an angels’ presence.

Your angels want you to know that you’re not alone, and these uncertain times will be over soon.

The appearance of the butterfly also indicates change and transformation, especially spiritual. 

Maybe the message is to make changes in your life to become more spiritually aligned.

Coincidence And Synchronicity

Experiencing Synchronicities is another prevalent sign that angels are near you.

Sometimes angels use signs and synchronicities to get their message across. 

They may use license plates, bumper stickers, magazines, billboards, receipts, and other places to get your attention.

Your guardian angels are deliberately orchestrating these synchronicities for you to grab your attention and deliver messages from the spiritual realms.

Physical Sensations

Have you ever felt a sensation of warmth or a rush of warm light energy? 

Physical sensations like tingling, goosebumps, or chills are clear signs from your angel guides, letting you know that they are here.

Your angels are lifting your energy closer to theirs, and that’s why you are feeling these sensations.