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Lunar Eclipse November 2022 Rituals

Lunar Eclipse Rituals November 2022

The recent talk about eclipses has got people wondering how they can use the eclipse energy to their advantage. Luckily, some lunar eclipse rituals can be done during the Blood Moon or Lunar Moon Eclipse to magnify the eclipse’s energy. Before diving into the blood moon eclipse rituals, it’s important to understand what an eclipse is. …

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November 8 2022 Lunar Eclipse

November 8 2022 Lunar Eclipse

Eclipses are a sign of change and signal a new beginning. At a lunar eclipse, the Earth’s shadow falls across the moon, evoking buried feelings to the surface and making them real. Lunar eclipses mark the end of emotional cycles and encourage us to let go of emotions and attachments that are no longer useful. …

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What is Number Synchronicity

What is Number Synchronicity?

The pendulum clock in the palace of Frederick the Great mysteriously stopped at the exact time of Frederick’s death! In Winnipeg, Canada, a grandfather’s clock stopped when its 72-year-old owner died. Ever think about something and then experience a situation that seems inexplicably related to what you’d been thinking? Will you dismiss all these events …

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Angel Signs How To Know If Angels Are Around You

Signs That Angels Are Around You

Angels are a divine creation of God who surrounds us all the time.  The holy beings are created to provide us guidance in our journey through life. Most importantly, their divine duty is to help us enhance our spirituality and achieve our life purpose. However, angels don’t have the free will to impose their guidance …

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