What is Number Synchronicity?

The pendulum clock in the palace of Frederick the Great mysteriously stopped at the exact time of Frederick’s death!

In Winnipeg, Canada, a grandfather’s clock stopped when its 72-year-old owner died.

Ever think about something and then experience a situation that seems inexplicably related to what you’d been thinking?

Will you dismiss all these events as a coincidence?

Do you think these events are simply the product of random luck or chance, or do they convey hidden meanings?

Seemingly looking random encounters are more than you think. They are signs that something significant is at work.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into what synchronicity is?

What does Synchronicity Mean?

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961) coined the term “synchronicity,” and defined it as a phenomenon of two or more events that seem to be connected but are not causally related.

In other words, synchronicity happens when two or more independent events having no apparent causal connection nevertheless seem to form a meaningful pattern.

Merriam- Webster defines synchronicity as: 

The coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (such as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality.

Synchronicity is of great importance, because not only it presents opportunities all around you, but bridges the connection to the soul and core consciousness.

The more you pay attention and work with synchronicities, the more you stay in alignment with your soul, as opposed to feeling lost and overwhelmed. 

What is the difference between synchronicity and coincidence?

Synchronicity events are not a cause-and-effect relationship. Whereas, coincidences are.

Synchronicity is divinely orchestrated. Whereas, coincidence exists in the domain of space and time.

With synchronicity, a subconscious intention is involved. Once you start noticing synchronicities, they increase in number and frequency. Coincidence are merely by luck or chance.

Synchronicity is your awakening catalyst. It leads to a path towards enlightenment. Coincidence are just happenstance and there’s no spiritual backing of a coincidental event.

Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence. In contrast, coincidence is an occurrence of events that happen at the same time by total accident. 

Synchronicity is meaningful beyond being notable. On contrary, coincidental events happened at the same time but had no meaning other than that they occurred at the same time or immediately sequentially.

What are the different types of synchronicities?

Synchronicity is a fascinating and magical aspect of divine guidance that encourages us to open our minds and hearts and dwell in the wonder of it.

Synchronicity acts like a bridge between the Creator and us that fills the void of uncertainty and confusion and strengthens our relationship with the Creator.

Divine guidance is always available to each of us in different forms; synchronicity is among the most mysterious and mystical.

Some of the different types of synchronicity include:

Precursor synchronicity

A synchronistic event that forewarns or drops a hint of an upcoming situation. More specifically, it indicates approaching change or turmoil.

See it as a warning sign from the Universe or the Higher dimensions to let you know that a change or challenge is afoot.

Deviation synchronicity

Deviation synchronicity is a wake-up call, a reminder that you have deviated from the right path.

Ever felt turning at a particular intersection, even though it wasn’t on your usual route to work?

A deviation synchronicity serves as a warning, a suggestion, or an urge to move in a different direction.

Manifestation synchronicity

To put it simply, it’s the universe or your Higher-self telling you to be careful about what you wish for.

Manifestation synchronicity is a wake-up call, a reminder that higher awareness is at play.

Message synchronicity

Message synchronicities appear in your life as an angel sign, symbol, or omen.

These signs or omens may strike you like a meaningful message.

Repeating numbers, animal visitations, and dreams are some of the ways of experiencing message synchronicity.

Opportunity synchronicity

Ever met the exact right person at the exact right time? 

Ever experience things happening for you at the exact moment you need them to?

These synchronicities present themselves to align you with your life purpose or soul mission.

Numeric Synchronicity

Many people encounter same numbers on clocks, license plates, digital displays, like forever.

If you are one of them and wonder if it means something? Why do I keep seeing repeating numbers? Take heart!

Repeatedly seeing numbers is a divine synchronicity to align you with your higher purpose.

Seeing repeating numbers is not new phenomena. Numbers hold fascination in every time and age.

Carl Jung was fascinated by paranormal phenomena, including numerology. He believed that numbers often display a meaning for which there is no causal explanation. 

Jung strongly believed that numbers have special cosmic significance and can predict important life events.

He saw that numbers were not just artifacts of the conscious mind but had a mysterious numinous aspect, and therefore, connected to synchronicity. 

Jung believed that numbers are imbued with symbolic meanings in addition to their conventional and obvious meanings. They imply something vague, hidden, and unknown to us.

Jung defined number as “an archetype of order”. Jung also had a belief that numbers appear to represent both an attribute of matter and the unconscious foundation of human mental processes. 

They posit the idea that each number carries not only a quantitative value but also a vibration and a frequency.

Numbers can emerge in uncanny coincidences that hold special meanings and messages. 

The phenomenon of seeing repeating numbers, commonly known as Angel Numbers, is one of the examples of synchronicity of numbers.

Why number synchronicity is significant?

Numbers are one of the most curious aspects of synchronicity. When it happens, you invariably feel that something important, even divine is trying to communicate through the numerical symbol.

The meanings of numbers may not be immediately apparent when someone experiences them. But by interpreting them, and using your intuition, you can gain clarity and a deeper understanding of the hidden message.   

What does it mean to see number synchronicity? 

Numbers represent synchronicity with the angelic realm. Synchronicity numbers carry mystical and meaningful significance.

Guardian Angels use the synchronicity of numbers to communicate divine messages. 

Synchronicity numbers can serve as guidance, warning, affirmation, inspiration, and confirmation that you need in your life.

The 11:11 synchronicity, repeating number 222, 3333, or Global event 9:11 are some of the prime examples of number synchronicity.

The numeric synchronicity has brought people toward the path of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. It made them feel that they’re not alone and Higher Intelligence, Creator, Or Divine has got their back, and is helping and guiding them every step on the way.